How To Meet A Prince

What We Did

When Kate Middleton found her prince and married William we conducted the first ever scientific study designed to establish how other women interested in meeting their own prince should go about it.

Our study of 107 royal romances since WWII concluded that women should forget kissing frogs (no evidence for it) and instead use seven proven strategies, which included: playing tennis, working in the media or showbiz, attending a top university (Cambridge best of all) and the right parties, and targeting European princes

“Social network site Badoo ( has come up with the ‘Seven Golden Rules’ on how to find a prince, after conducting a study of 107 royal romances since World War II.”

Reuters report on our study

“What Think Inc’s Peter Freedman does is unique. He is a master at creating online buzz, which spreads globally. He has shown so repeatedly for big brands, like craigslist and Badoo”

Amit Shafrir, President,


The story got global coverage and spread virally to more media than we could track or count.

Key Points

  • Story goes viral and global
  • Thousands of Google results
  • Coverage in umpteen languages
  • Traffic, links, buzz for Badoo


Some highlights of the coverage include:

  • Reuters
  • Agence France Presse
  • Yahoo! news (U.S., UK, Spain, etc)
  • USA Today
  • Fox Business
  • New York Daily News
  • Toronto Sun
  • Edmonton Sun
  • Ottawa Sun
  • Winnipeg Sun
  • Canoe
  • Times of India
  • China Daily
  • Korea Daily
  • Taiwan Daily
  • JF Daily (Japan)
  • Gulf Times
  • (China)
  • Yonhap News
  • Blic (Serbia)
  • Nieuwsblad
  • Boursier
  • Le Point
  • Estadao
  • Gazetevan
  • Extra Globo
  • Virgilio
  • Leggo
  • Spazio Donna
  • Paparazzi News
  • Paperblog
  • NellaNotizia
  • Que.Es
  • El Mundo
  • Correio do Brasil
  • Terra Argentina, Terra Colombia
  • Terra Mexico, Terra Peru, Terra Ecuador
  • MSN Latinoamerica
  • ABC Color
  • Matichon (Thailand)
  • And many more

And hundreds more across the world.