Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo’s David

What We Did

In a bid to win attention for the launch of a new London Pilates studio, we latched onto the 500th anniversary of Michelangelo’s David, the world’s most famous sculpture, and – allegedly – the epitome of male physical perfection.

‘Nonsense!’, said Alan Herdman, the Pilates guru with the new studio, that we got to assess David’s physique. In fact, David would have been ‘a physical wreck’, with a bad lower back, a weak hip and ankles and all the flexibility of… well, a 500 year-old, 17 ft stone statue.


Huge local, national and global coverage.

A successful launch for new Pilates studio.

Key Points

  • Front page of The Times
  • BBC TV News; The Guardian
  • Global coverage, via Reuters, AFP, etc


Highlights included:

  • The Times front page
  • The Guardian: large piece showing David ‘before’ and ‘after’ doing Pilates
  • BBC TV News (which approached us to do the story)
  • The (London) Evening Standard + London media
  • Huge global coverage, via Reuters, AFP and more.

And on and on, with hundreds more across the world.It was covered … more or less everywhere.