Once Upon a TikTok Tale

What We Did

The brief was to generate fresh coverage, buzz, awareness and traffic for Sleep Stories, the popular bedtime stories for grownups on Calm, the meditation, sleep and mental health brand.

We worked with Calm to have Kit Callaghan – the voice of TikTok's 'Jessie', its best-known text-to-speech voice artist – narrate a new Sleep Story for Calm called 'Once Upon a TikTok Tale'  

“What surprised me when I first revealed I was the voice of Jessie was lots of people writing to me saying that they found my TikTok voice comforting and even fell asleep to it."

Kat Callaghan, the voice of TikTok's 'Jessie'


The result was national and international coverage, including major Tier 1 media – along with general buzz and praise. This again helped make Calm part the buzz and cultural conversation around TikTok and so again of the wider zeitgeist.

It was yet another idea that helped Calm stay front of mind among its target market and become an ever-better-known mental health brand.

Key Points

  • Tier 1 coverage
  • National + international attention
  • Positions Calm as leader in sleep content


  • TechCrunch
  • People
  • Mashable
  • The Information
  • The Messenger
  • The Independent/Indy 100
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • MSN
  • Tubefilter
  • Trend Radars
  • Today's Esquire
  • Knowledia
  • Gale
  • Robots.net
  • AiHunt
  • IMDB
  • And many others