The Lulu Titlescorer

What We Did

We created a widget/application/micro-site called The Lulu Titlescorer, which let you enter the title of your novel and learn its chances of topping the New York Times Bestseller List.

"Think Inc brought us a scale of attention out of all proportion to cost… they are truly the jujitsu masters of modern PR.”

—Gart Davis, President,


The global coverage drove huge traffic to, helping traffic rise by almost seven-fold in 18 months and Lulu as a business grow by over 10% PER MONTH.

Key Points

  • Global coverage
  • Spread virally across the blogosphere
  • Helped Lulu grow by over 10%/month


Huge global coverage, both mainstream and viral – from Newsweek to The Guardian (which named it “Site of the Week”) The Observer and UPI. Some highlights of the coverage include:

  • From The (London) Times to the Daily Telegraph, Indepedent, Washington Times and ... The North Korea Times.
  • From the BBC in the UK to NPR in the US, CBC in Canada, plus umpteen papers, sites and blogs worldwide.

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