Most Stressful Year Ever?

What We Did

The brief was to generate coverage, buzz, awareness and users for Bloom, the leading self-therapy app.

We responded by asking 28 American and British historians to help us rank the "most stressful years" ever in, respectively, world, American and British history – and so place the sheer awfulness of the year 2020 in historical context.

“In a clever bit of marketing, the self-therapy app Bloom recently asked 28 historians from Yale, Oxford, Stanford and other major universities to choose the worst year in history — or, as they put it, the most stressful.”

The Washington Post

“Your work has been fantastic ... An amazing job.

Leon Mueller, CEO, Bloom


Huge media interest – Over 400 pieces of coverage (that we could find + likely many others that we couldn't). Traffic to Bloom "explodes". Bloom becomes one of the six fastest risers in Similarweb's ranking of the 50 top-grossing health and fitness apps.

Key Points

  • Tier 1, national media
  • International coverage


Over 400 pieces of coverage, including:

  • The Washington Post
  • CNN International – Three times
  • USA Today
  • CBS News
  • The Daily Mail
  • The BBC
  • Seven times, in seven different articles
  • Yahoo News – many times
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Houston Chronicle
  • iNews
  • (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • The Toronto Sun
  • The Calgary Sun
  • The Winnipeg Sun
  • The Edmonton Sun
  • AOL
  • Los Angeles Magazine/ LA Magazine
  • The Sun Journal
  • Press Herald
  • The Mail Tribune
  • The
  • Laredo Morning Times
  • The Hour Norwalk CT
  • Inside Edition
  • Dozens of TV shows
  • Fox 23 TV
  • Fox 13 TV
  • Boston 25 TV
  • WFTV
  • Dozens of TV stations
  • Newsmax
  • The Telegram (Canada)
  • The Guardian (Canada)
  • The Chronicle Herald (Canada)
  • The Digital Journal
  • Memphis TV WREGat9
  • KGO Radio
  • Talk Radio
  • And more
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

And hundreds more.