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Heading to America? We'll get you noticed

If you’re expanding to America, or already there, or just want US customers – and need to noticed, get in touch.

We help brands from the UK, Europe and beyond win more than their share of US media and social media attention.

We also help brands from the US expand to Europe.

We have over 15 years’ experience working for brands simultaneously on both continents. We know what works – and what doesn’t – in each.

We’re UK-based but work with expert partners on the ground in each market, armed with our ideas.

Think Inc's Peter Freedman has spoken widely on the subject to UK businesses for the UK Government's DIT.

We also run international campaigns across multiple markets.

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Ideas for Other Agencies

Agencies are under constant pressure to come up with new and more and better ideas – whether to win new clients, keep old ones happy or simply to keep their own staff motivated by doing cool work.

Some agencies find that ideas are not their forte. Others are good at ideas but don’t have the time to be better … or would just welcome occasional help when it matters most.

In such cases, we can serve as an external or outsourced creative department, or as an extra resource for enhancing the creative efforts of hard-pressed staff.

Help Creating Your Own Ideas: Training + Brainstorming

Some clients prefer to create their own ideas – and ask for our help in doing so.

We also help you come up with your own ideas, with either training and/or brainstorming facilitation.


Think Inc provides a range of courses on creativity in PR, viral marketing and guerrilla marketing.

They include half-day and one-day workshops, as well as shorter ones, deliverable as lunchtime or breakfast sessions.

They are mainly designed for the following audiences:

  • PR, marketing and ad agencies, under constant pressure to produce more and better ideas – both to win clients and to keep them.
  • In-house PR, communications and marketing staff/ teams wanting to generate their own ideas instead of relying on agencies.

Brainstorming/ Brainstorm facilitation

The use of brainstorming across industry as a whole may have increased a thousand-fold in the last decade, according to one leading business psychology consultancy.

But a brainstorm, or other type of idea generation session, is often only as effective as the person facilitating it.

And finally, on a separate matter: a word on how clients discover us

We get most of our work through recommendation and referral but some clients also find us by searching for anything from guerrilla marketing campaigns to creative PR campaigns or creative PR campaign ideas.
Some other clients find us by searching under headings such as PR for startups or PR agency for startups or maybe something like “Best PR firms for tech startups”. Others still come across us when Googling terms ranging from creative PR agency to creative PR firm names or digital PR stunts to PR stunt agency.
Finally, some clients are just trying to find the best PR agencies for startups or advice on how to do PR for a startup ... while others still are searching for things like PR for tech startups, PR for scaleups or PR for challenger brands or simply some combination of terms like ... creative PR agency names.

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