A good idea wins attention that money can’t buy

Think Inc creates ideas that cut through the media clutter and spread virally, generating not just national but often global attention, coverage and buzz. Many of our ideas use humour to create excitement where none existed. They include ideas such as:

Find My Past

Unfortunate Place-Names

We identified the "most unfortunate place name" in both the U.S. & the U.K.

Bob Ross - Calm

Sleeping With Bob Ross

We helped bring the soothing voice of Bob Ross, the iconic TV art instructor, to a whole new audience.

Oldest Joke - Yudu

Oldest Joke-Book

We turned the world's oldest joke book into its first multi-media joke book.

Love on the Line

Love On The Line

We idenitfied London's "most romantic tube station- based on craigslist data.

Lulu Titlescorer

The Lulu Titlescorer

We devised an algorithm to score book titles for their bestseller potential.

Blooker Prize - Lulu

The Blooker Prize

We launched the first literary prize for "blooks"- books based on blogs.

Sexiest Line in Cinema - Badoo

Best Movie Chat-Up Line

We tested famous movie chat-up lines online with real users to find which ones got the best response.

How to Meet a Prince

How To Meet A Prince

Kate's met her prince. Want to meet your own? Follow our seven golden rules.

Best Chat Up Lines Revealed - Badoo

World’s Best Pick-Up Line

We scientifically identified the world's best chat-up line, using Badoo data.

Universal Support

Call-Centre Quartet

We created the world's first telephone call centre to provide live hold music.