Best Movie Chat-Up Line

What We Did

We offered female users of, the global social network and dating site, a choice of 10 different chat-up lines from Hollywood movies to use as “ice-breakers” for starting an online conversation with a man.

We then measured two things:

  • Which line was picked most often by women
  • Which had the best response-rate from men

The most picked line was “I don’t bite you know… unless it’s called for” by Audrey Hepburn; the one that got the best response was “I’d like to kiss you but I just washed my hair” by Bette Davis.

“I don’t bite you know… unless it’s called for.”

Audrey Hepburn’s line to Cary Grant in the film “Charade” was most picked

“What Think Inc’s Peter Freedman does is unique. He is a master at creating online buzz, which spreads globally. He has done so repeatedly for big brands, like craigslist and Badoo.”

Amit Shafrir, President,


We scientifically identified the best chat-up line from a Hollywood movie. The result was huge global coverage in more languages than we could identify, let alone understand, as the story went viral.

This generated traffic, links and buzz for Badoo, helping fuel its continued growth.

This was just one of a many successful studies and stunts conducted by Think Inc for Badoo and helping it grow to over 180 million registered users.

Key Points

  • Story goes viral and global
  • Thousands of Google results
  • Coverage in umpteen languages
  • Traffic, links, buzz for Badoo


Some highlights of the coverage include:

  • Reuters
  • Yahoo!
  • Time, Huffington Post, AOL
  • Daily Mail, Daily Express, Independent
  • Boston Globe, Toronto Sun, Edmonton Sun, etc
  • AFP Relax, ANI
  • Pravda, Times of India, Irish Indepedent, Irish Sun
  • Leading media everywhere from Brazil to Kazakhstan

And hundreds more across the world.