90 Corgis For Queen’s 90th

What We Did

The brief was to generate coverage, buzz and traffic for Spoonflower, the custom fabric site that lets users design, print and sell their own fabric, wallpaper and gift-wrap.

As the world’s largest marketplace for independent fabric designers, Spoonflower also happens to be the world’s largest source of corgi-themed fabric designs (… while corgis themselves are the latest rock-stars of Instagram and other social media).

It’s also a tool that many customers use to help make replicas of their pets in the form of doppelganger pet pillows, crafted from fabric printed with photos of their pets.

We used the occasion of the Queen’s 90th birthday to create “a unique tribute to a unique love affair”, between the Queen and her beloved corgis, in the form of 90 corgi dog-pillows, plus one life-sized pillow replica of the Queen herself.

“This is hilarious.”

Jill Vejnoska, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“… a custom fabric company by the name of Spoonflower created the quirkiest, most awesome tribute present ever. Feast your eyes on these pillows… C’mon, coolest gift ever, right?”



The story was covered everywhere from the U.S. and Canada to the UK, Australia, Japan and beyond – and from Tier 1 media like People.com, Parade/Parade.com (America’s most widely read magazine) and Good Morning America to key target media like Apartment Therapy and many blogs.

The reaction from media, social media and customers alike was overwhelmingly positive – a rare case when social media reaction seemed universally enthusiastic. Media feedback ranged from “This is hilarious” (Atlanta Journal Constitution) to “I was rolling on the floor with these photos” (San Jose Mercury News”) and from “Seriously adorable pictures” (Apartment Therapy) to “”I am more than amused” (Petguide.com).

Key Points

  • Tier 1, national media
  • Spreads virally
  • Social media love it


250 pieces of coverage, including:

  • People
  • Good Morning America/ABC News
  • Parade/Parade.com
  • Radar Online [National Enquirer]
  • Toronto Sun
  • Apartment Therapy
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • San Jose Mercury News
  • Raleigh News & Observer
  • Calgary Sun
  • Ottawa Sun
  • Canoe.com
  • The Week
  • Interiors/décor media
  • Pet media

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