Jay-Z’s Hyphen Seeks Love

What We Did

When Jay-Z announced that he was dumping the hyphen that had linked the two parts of his name for 19, we flew to the rescue of the jilted hyphen.

We posted a personal ad on craigslist New York, titled “Single Black Hyphen seeks understanding apostrophe – 19”.

It began: “SBH (Single Black Hyphen), looking for love… and understanding…

“A little about me. I’ve just ended a long relationship. In fact, I was dumped… after 19 years – by someone I felt part of and thought I could trust. He used to say, ‘You complete me’…”

“BEST…Craigslist…post…EVER?!? Jay Z’s “hyphen” is looking for love online.”

Kiss FM


Positive, entertaining coverage and vibe for craigslist, which continued its relentless growth.

Key Points

  • Great coverage in entertainment media
  • Spreads virally
  • Hailed "Best... Craigslist... post... Ever?!?"


The story got strong coverage in the target U.S. entertainment media and then spread beyond it.

One radio station, hailed it “BEST… Craigslist ad… EVER?!?”