The Testicle Cookbook

What We Did

The brief from, the digital publishing site, was to win profile and visitors.

Our response included publishing ‘The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls’, a multi-media book by a Serbian testicle chef and world authority on testicle cuisine.

Recipes for ‘Testicle Pizza’, ‘Battered Testicles’ and ‘Bull Testicles With Béchamel Sauce’ were among 31 dishes served up in the world’s first testicle cookbook, complete with videos of the author peeling and slicing frozen testicles.

“The Testicle Cookbook has been a huge success… better than we could have hoped for or imagined.”

Lisa Moore, marketing manager,

“Everyone’s very excited about a new e-cookbook launched today, by online publishers Yudu. It’s been compiled by a Serbian fellow called Ljubomir Erovic who has apparently been a testicular cook for some 20 years.”

Susan Smillie,


Huge global coverage, mainstream and viral, in umpteen languages.

Googling “Testicle Cookbook” at one stage delivered 171,000 results, plus 2,846 blog-posts.

The resulting traffic – especially on the day the story made the home-page of Yahoo! News – not only crashed Yudu’s site but helped Yudu more than double its traffic during a three-month period, when it also rose over 38,000 places.

Key Points

  • 171,000 results Google search results, plus 2,846 blog-posts
  • Helped more than double its visitor numbers


News agencies and global coverage including:

  • Reuters
  • Agence France-Presse
  • The Press Association
  • Flash News (Pick-of-the-year)
  • Front page of Yahoo! News
  • CNN
  • BBC

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